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Competition: Spark:Fall/Winter Student
Designer: Na Gyeong Lee - Eoheung
Design Type: Product & industrial
Company / Organization / School: Yeungnam University
Team Members: Na Gyeong Lee

Adults today have many memories of falling asleep as a child to the stories their parents read before going to bed. But, children these days are more used to sleeping while watching YouTube. As children's use of multimedia increases, the function of traditional Korean fairy tales, which are said to be stories, is deteriorating. Eoheung proposes a traditional fairy tale that you can experience in your daily life through products. "Eoheung" was produced under the motif of "Brother and Sister Becoming the Sun and the Moon" among traditional Korean fairy tales. This is about the siblings who fled to the tree to escape the tiger that ate their mother, becoming the sun and moon with a rope, and the tiger falls from the tree holding the rotten rope. In this story, a tiger was brought in and designed as a mood lamp that turns on when a tiger falls from a tree and turns off when a tiger sticks to the tree. In this way, "Eoheung" instills interest in reading in children addicted to multimedia, reads fairy tales before going to bed, and allows them to bond with their parents. and it will be a good design proposal to revive traditional Korean fairy tales that are gradually disappearing