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Competition: Spark:Spring Student
Designer: You Min Lee - Ink-ling
Design Type: Digital: Motion, Apps, Games
Company / Organization / School: Orange Cube Art Design Matter
Team Members: You Min Lee

After we’ve been through COVID-19 pandemic, the way we communicate has transformed drastically in every aspect. Even with our family and close friends, we can only communicate virtually and we are getting used to this way. While the younger generation actively communicates through SNS, the interaction between the younger generation and the older generation, especially from grandparents to grandson or daughter is decreasing. “Ink-ling” started with "How can we communicate virtually, but easily with grandparents?". The solution is to provide adequate tools for each generation; the mobile application for the younger generation and the analog device for the older generation. “Ink-ling” became an intergenerational communication converter. The younger generation user can send texts or photos to their parents or grandparents through the mobile apps, and the images or texts are printed in real time on the connected device that parents or grandparents owned. When parents or grandparents want to reply, they can simply press the record button on the printing device, the voice messages are converted into digital text and sent back to them through the app. With “Ink-ling”, you can share your daily life and stay connected with your loved ones despite any physical distance.