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Galleries // 2021 Spark:Graphic // Gumption Australian Coffee Package & Brand

Gumption Australian Coffee Package & Brand


Competition: Spark:Graphic
Designer: Bethany Lesko - Partner, Design
Design Type: Brand Identity, logos
Company / Organization / School: Lippincott
Team Members: Bethany Lesko, Rui Maekawa, Lizzie Harris, Christal Sih, Wesley Tibbs, Helen Chow, Fabian Diaz & Elizabeth Bakhash

When creating a new brand platform, visual identity, digital channel strategy, and retail experience for Gumption Coffee, we needed to capture the true essence of founders Clare and Hazel, and the ethos that they have cultivated: Gumption is more than just a word. We began crafting the brand’s strategy through this ethos. The new visual toolkit is designed to be eye-catching and inclusive, a fresh departure from the minimal aesthetic that’s now commonplace. The brand voice, inspired by the brand purpose, is energetic, edgy, and clever and infuses these own-able characteristics across the spectrum of both in- and out-of-store communications. Think signage, comic walls, packaging, and more that say everything with a smile. Then, leaning on a history of designing transformative retail experiences, we went to work bringing the Gumption brand to life with a distinct and playful store design that played up sophisticated coffee cues. From the attention-grabbing storefront, to the wall of comics engagingly telling the founders’ story, to the signature wave centerpiece signaling the rush felt from a first sip of coffee, the space is thoughtfully designed to elevate human connection while serving customers quickly with their award-winning coffee.