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Galleries // 2021 Spark:Product // Spartan 1

Spartan 1


Competition: Spark:Product
Designer: Jon Thai - Principal Designer
Design Type: Electronics—telecom, mobile, AV, PCs, tablets., Engineering, Industrial & consumer tools and equipment
Company / Organization / School: Hatch Duo
Website: http://www.hatchduo.com
Team Members: Jon Thai, Michael Yim, Blake Johnson, Peter Yoo, Victoria Davila

The Nimbus Spartan 1 is a power relay that converts light to electricity - wirelessly. The Spartan 1 Remote Power Relay is on the cutting edge of wireless power receiver technology. Utilizing advanced photoluminescent material science, Nimbus has taken a quantum leap in power, efficiency and range. Relays receive energy from light over large distances using advanced optoelectronic materials. Excellent for remote autonomous systems charged day and night. The Nimbus Spartan 1 pumps out around 300 Watts DC, and can send energy over 30 feet or more. That’s enough power for an 80-inch television, a desktop computer, a gaming console, a refrigerator, or even industrial scale applications within large retail & warehouse environments. The beauty of providing wireless power of this magnitude is that it can be quickly relocated and deployed for maximum utility without the added costs of electrical materials and labor. Volumetric charging allows the Relay to absorb high specific power without excessive heating. High specific power enables industrial applications to run continuously without ever stopping to charge.The Relays are independently tested and certified for optimal performance across a wide range of temperatures and environments. Durable construction materials allow Relays to be easily deployed and handled.