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Galleries // 2021 Spark:Fall/Winter Student // Say Hello—To People of the World

Say Hello—To People of the World

Winner - Platinum

Competition: Spark:Fall/Winter Student
Designer: Subin Oh
Design Type: Publication
Company / Organization / School: Hongik University
Team Members: Subin Oh & Prof. Jongmin Kim, Advisor

IDEA: This coloring book with the concept in which characters from each country wave their hands to say hello sends a message that all people of the world have the same palm color and we are all the same people. According to this concept, children can learn about culture by looking at each country's illustrations, locations, costumes, landmarks, and food. Next, children can color illustrations of people from various countries in their traditional clothes however they want. Last content is designed so that children can act themselves and have fun. Children can put their own palms on the back of each page and then match their palms' color to that of the people in the illustrations for each country. IMPACT: In this process, children will once again recognize the commonality of all people of the world and feel a sense of identity. As a result, through this coloring book, children will learn about the various cultures of people of the world, and racial equality education will naturally be possible.


"This book is very creative. Young users not only enjoy coloring, but also learning about others as equals."