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Galleries // 2021 Spark:Space // Graced by Nature

Graced by Nature

Winner - Gold

Competition: Spark:Space
Designer: Shao Yu Lai
Design Type: Interiors: Club, Recreation, Sports, Waterworks, Pools
Company / Organization / School: CHINYU DESIGN CO., LTD
Website: http://chinyu-design.com/
Team Members: Shao Yu Lai

Connecting outdoor and indoor scenery, through the transparent technique and natural elements bringing residents closer to the environment, the space consists of three indoor spaces: the lounge, the bathing house, and the dining area. Infusing Beitou Japanese culture and its landscape, the streams, greenery, hiking trails, into the design, the space contains an iconic image of hot spring surges out from rivers, down to the forest, flowing in between the greenery. Pushing the door in, the right side of the lounge stands a big French window, allowing residents to view the whole scenery without any barrier. The simplistic and low-saturated colors used on the ceiling and the walls thus set off the visual experience, making the landscape the best decoration of the space. The stone, wooden materials, and its colors spread out to the balcony, blurring the boundary between the outdoor and the indoor. The granite walkway is designed to fit the normal steps, guiding residents to walk deep inside. The white/grey cobbles in between create more layers of the space, their static state and tranquility perfectly corresponds to the landscape outside.