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Whole Spray


Competition: Spark:Fall/Winter Student
Designer: Seongmin Ha
Design Type: Product & industrial
Company / Organization / School: Keimyung University
Team Members: Seongmin Ha, Hojin Song & Seyoung Lee

Existing sprayers must separate the head from the container in order to throw away or refill the water. And a lot of spray products should be prepared for various purposes such as gardening, deodorization and cleaning. Therefore, many sprayers are left unattended in our homes. Also there are countless spray containers in circulation. It leads to indiscriminate use and disposal of plastic and has a great impact on environmental destruction. To solve the problem analyzed, we propose a design that connects pipes to the back of the existing sprayer head. This pipe allows the user to throw away or fill the water without separating the head and container. In addition, the solution contained in the existing bottle package was separated into miniaturized capsules so that it could be used in various use environments.The user can insert the capsule into the pipe and use it. For this reason, any plastic bottle can be used instead of the existing bottle package. This separation and miniaturization can reduce the total amount of plastic produced and discarded. Moreover, It increases economic feasibility in the production and distribution process.