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Pure Series


Competition: Spark:Package
Designer: Ouzhu Huang
Design Type:
Company / Organization / School: Shenzhen Laika Technology Co., Ltd.
Team Members: Qinjie Lu, Yongjie Fang

The Pure series packaging is based on the product characteristics of the Aqua pet water fountain with blue symbolizing water and white symbolizing purity as the main colors of the design. Pure presented the five-angle two-dimensional silhouette of the product directly to consumers. We chose "gradient blue" to make consumers think of the water flowing through the actual use process. A large area of white space, not only because the product is white itself, but also makes consumers more focused on the product itself. Since our brand identity and product packaging design are mainly based on gradient style, the gradient application of Pure series is conducive to shaping our unified brand image. In the market, our product design can also increase our brand recognition and deepen customers' impression of our brand. Unified product packaging style is conducive to shorten the distance between the brand and customers, and increase consumer loyalty and satisfaction.