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Galleries // 2021 Spark:Health // Clio Dashboard

Clio Dashboard

Winner - Bronze

Competition: Spark:Health
Designer: Kimberly Im - UX Lead
Design Type: Concepts & Prototypes, Health Experience, Informatics
Company / Organization / School: Samsung Research America
Website: https://www.sra.samsung.com/
Team Members: Kimberly Im, Josh Richman, Ixabu Gonzalez, Matthieu Chaminade, Megan Gupta, Philip Park & Young Jang

The Digital Health Lab at Samsung Research America collaborates with world-class institutions to run medical research trials. Clio consolidates and centralizes trial information and data all in one place, allowing users to quickly navigate and manage multiple congruent studies. Each trial dashboard monitors patient safety, clinical efficacy, user engagement, product performance, devices, unique sensor signals, study progress, and areas for improvement in future trials. Additionally, Clio’s tracking and organization of data are designed to streamline our process for FDA submissions. Clio is modular by design, providing a scalable foundation to easily add new modules and progressively expand capabilities in future versions. The adaptive structure allows Clio to be fully tailored to each trial and customized to a user’s particular preferences. Through a seamless transition into edit mode, users can add/remove new modules, arrange information logically, change layouts, and create entirely new sections. Custom sections allow users to drag & drop modules from a dynamic side panel to smoothly create new layouts in seconds, based on the information they need. Clio is a cutting-edge system that surfaces valuable insights and is easy to use while providing a refined and personalized user experience.