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Galleries // 2021 Spark:Concept Pro // AIO Phone-Book

AIO Phone-Book


Competition: Spark:Concept Pro
Designer: Zhaolin Wu - Design Director
Design Type: Laptop/Smart phone
Company / Organization / School: Shenzhen IntelLeaNet Co., Ltd.
Website: http://kylinwu.mysxl.cn/
Team Members: Zhaolin Wu, Weiwen Xiong, Liuyin Wang & Yaoling Huang

Staff usually go out to work, in addition to mobile phones and computers, also carry a mouse, data cable, wireless charger, wireless presenter and other electronic accessories. These accessories account for inconvenient storage. AIO Phone-Book is a conceptual integration solution that explores the future development trends of mobile phones and laptop. Based on the HUAWEI HarmonyOS, mobile phone and laptop are intelligently coordinated to achieve the effect of 1+1 greater than 2, simplifying complicated hardware devices, creating a seamless and cohesive experience, allowing users to pack lightly. The AIO PhoneBook is a conceptual idea based on the existing technology: electric lifting and independent rotating shaft, curved screen and ink screen, wireless charging and contact charging. The seemingly parallel and independent technologies collide with new products, which also encourages designers to dare to apply new technologies to existing products, and to keep updating and staying alive.