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Galleries // 2021 Spark:Spring Student // Multi-faceted Candle Holder

Multi-faceted Candle Holder


Competition: Spark:Spring Student
Designer: Junqiang Lyu
Design Type: Product & industrial, product design concept
Company / Organization / School: Sapienza University of Rome
Team Members: Junqiang Lyu

The image of candlesticks in the market is beautiful and static sculpture, I try to define the new archetype of candlestick and candle rituals that people can play and interact with it which bring people funny experiences, inspire people and change the relationship with human. People can interact with candle holder intuitively and arrange its state by their will to co-create a dynamic and poetic picture. Single candle holder can stay stably and flexibly on the iron frame with magnets. User can decide any position of single candle holder on the U-shaped frame and participate into the co-creation of this changeable object. When user don't use the candle, the single candle holder can be put into the base to protect the candle from volatilisation or staining and the whole product can keep a concise and elegant outlooking under this state. It's light and easy to be packaged into compact two pieces and taken outdoors for camping. The U-shaped frame and the base can be assembled together and disassembled repeatedly with the friction force. So it's portable and can adapt to multiple scenarios, the indoors and outdoors. And the base even can works independently as a candle holder platform.