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Galleries // 2021 Spark:Digital // BC card | Paybooc

BC card | Paybooc


Competition: Spark:Digital
Designer: Hyunnam Ha - Team Leader
Design Type: Apps, Programs & Software
Company / Organization / School: BC card
Team Members: Hyunnam Ha, Jella Shin, Hyerin Park, Haein Kim, Bona Lee, Keunju Lee & Haena Kim

Paybooc is BC Card's payment platform with 10 million users, providing a seamless payment experience without obstacles, both online and offline, at home and abroad. When you enter the app, card-centered simple UI helps you to approach payment systems intuitively and promptly. You can get card-related information, such as card usage amount, billing statement, and various benefits, simply by selecting the card. Paybooc recommends useful event marketings and financial products based on the user's consumption data and context. It supports various banner forms depends on the type of promotion so that you can quickly recognize the contents. Paybooc has developed useful features of navigation menu for users to find payment services easily in its complicated menu structure. You can find features right away in a search bar and customize your menu.