2021 Galleries

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Galleries // 2021 Spark:Space // Central Park

Central Park


Competition: Spark:Space
Designer: Kris Lin
Design Type: Interiors: Club, Recreation, Sports, Waterworks, Pools
Company / Organization / School: Kris Lin International Design
Team Members: Kris Lin & Anda Yang

When you first enter the reception center, as the beginning of the creation of a spatial sequence, the designers use a set of "wood truss" structures as ceilings in the area of the entrance lobby to form a pavilion shape. As an old Chinese saying goes: “The pavilion is where people stop for a rest and gathering”. The glazed leaf installation art runs through the entire space. From the side of the foyer, the leaves begin to fall, and then to the foyer ceiling, and finally falls in the foyer pool. The orderly layout pendant design looks like that as if the leaves blown into the space by the wind. With the pool promenade, the water has been connected in series to the VIP room. Light and shadow pass through the wooden grille, and the waterscape is reflected in the water, further displaying the flexibility of the space. The fallen leaves return to the soil and turn into spring mud, nourish a lone begonia tree, the begonia tree is elegant, and the flowers are blooming.