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Galleries // 2021 Spark:Space // Children's Dreams

Children's Dreams


Competition: Spark:Space
Designer: CHIN PEI LEE - Designer
Design Type: Architecture; Residential
Company / Organization / School: Unique Things Design., Ltd
Website: https://ut-design.com.tw/

The space is planned to include an exclusive playroom and a huge book wall. A perforated board wall replaces the traditional TV wall design, providing the flexibility to the layout of furnishings at any time, and adding a sense of fun and comfort to daily life. A bright, fresh space for the young children to explore is thus created. Regarding the dining and kitchen area centered around a long dining table, a hut-shaped reading corner and a swing are created on its one side, and a peninsula bar counter is placed for the female homeowner who enjoys baking with the children. With the spacious and refreshing sense, the children have a sufficient environment for activities, where they can read and swing, and the female homeowner can take care of them while cooking, to form a space for interaction and emotional bonding. Also, the meaning of home life is redefined with small but definite happiness.