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Galleries // 2021 Spark:Spring Student // Seaweed Pasta Package 1

Seaweed Pasta Package 1


Competition: Spark:Spring Student
Designer: Youngju Won
Design Type: Packaging
Company / Organization / School: Hoseo University
Team Members: Youngju Won

"Seaweed" is a seaweed pasta developed to accommodate the growing number of people choosing vegetarianism for their health or environment. Seaweed is in the spotlight worldwide as a sustainable future food ingredient for environmental protection, and is recognized by many for its effectiveness in that it is fat-free and high in protein. However, many people cannot choose seaweed as a food ingredient due to its unfamiliar appearance and difficult recipes. On the other hand, Koreans enjoy seaweed as a staple food, and there are special seaweed cultivation techniques and seaweed food development techniques unique to Korea, making seaweed food popular. We need a world-class seaweed brand using this technology. So "Seaweed" combines various kinds of seaweed with pasta that people all over the world love to eat. This brand is composed of small quantities for people who live alone, and is designed using the shape of seaweed, the flow of the sea, and the curves of pasta to convey the beauty and taste of seaweed. The seaweed was used in a marbling pattern as a package, and was designed to remind consumers of seaweed in the sea when they purchased it.