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Competition: Spark:Spring Student
Designer: Chia-Yuan Ko - Designer
Design Type: Product & industrial
Company / Organization / School: Pratt Institute
Team Members: Chia-Yuan Ko

“AMPB” is the abbreviation for Amphibians, a thought process envisioning the future of shoe customization approach. Fundamental mechanism of FTW_AMPB is informed by two concepts: "Morphing" and "3D Interactive Fabrication." The immersive and programmable sense gathered from both sides shed light on the proposition of the project, opening the possibilities of virtual human-object interaction. Designed as a virtual engine to achieve complex form transition, the prototyping system is semi-parametric and the exterior look of the shoe is controlled by the “Number Slider” on the interface; seamless and continuous variations are displayed on the screen by sliding through the control bar. The objectives attaining FTW_AMPB animated process include identifying two target silhouettes, reserving key transformation contours and recording the geometries as computational inputs in Rhino Grasshopper. In this case the project selected “Taiwan blue-and-white slippers'' for the starting template. “SPEED 3.0 COYOTE SIDEZIP BOOT'' is chosen as the ending template based on the manufacturing history of the slippers linking with combat boots. Finally the form transition range is formulated by two templates representing two extremes, making the morphing process feasible to control. Outcome of FTW_AMPB project presents an algorithm-driven customization approach, establishing the form-finding framework and exploring new footwear genres.