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Galleries // 2021 Spark:Spring Student // Purevita-Wellness-3 Package

Purevita-Wellness-3 Package


Competition: Spark:Spring Student
Designer: Yujin Park
Design Type: Packaging
Company / Organization / School: Hoseo University
Team Members: Yujin Park

Purevita is a healthy cereal in four varieties. Like granola, it contains whole grains, cranberries, fiber and almonds. Nowadays in a busy society, I design this item to provide a healthy breakfast that people can eat lightly and comfortably. I actively used the symbolic colors of fruit and vegetables, like yellow or orange, to help consumers see what the four types of vitamins are at a quick glance. Therefore allowing consumers to tell what kinds of ingredients are in this cereal. In addition, I tried my best to give the packaging a lively and vibrant impression by using a graphic effect which looks like fruit and vegetables being peeled. The product package size is set to be smaller and lighter than what is commercially available in usual. And the product capacity is 300g, so even single-person households who live alone can purchase frequently without pressure.