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Galleries // 2021 Spark:Space // The Art Verve Within Work

The Art Verve Within Work


Competition: Spark:Space
Designer: Yan Hui Kuo
Design Type: Interiors: Working Space, Offices
Company / Organization / School: JE-SPACE Interior Design
Website: https://je-space.com/
Team Members: Yan Hui Kuo

The space design is arranged as an office environment in the style of an art gallery. By combining the artwork display and working environment, workers would be able to work with a pleasant mood, boosting the working efficiency. Steel, wood, and stone are applied as the main elements in the project. The overall simple style especially brings out the elegance of each artwork, achieving a visual focus to blur the boundary between work and art. In addition, the owner is not only an art collector but also a hospitable person, who often makes guests and friends feel welcomed and serves tea to keep in touch with others. Thus, there is a space to brew tea behind the sofa, which not only makes the space multifunctional but also lets the aroma of tea and hospitality fill the room. By applying the common island in interior design as the main concept, the working area is set up in the middle with the other shelves, office automation and tea station. By doing so, the function of each area is divided in a clear way. Furthermore, the arrangement can also reduce the distance in between, improving the working efficiency.