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Competition: Spark:Spring Student
Designer: Soomin Hur
Design Type: Concept
Company / Organization / School: Hongik University / Kookmin University
Team Members: Soomin Hur & Junyoung Min

FRIGGE is a set of kitchenware reducing accidents when people cook. In the aftermath of the Corona Pandemic, people have undergone many changes in the way that they eat, cook and receive foods. They are forced to stay and finish all their meals at home due to social distancing policies. Due to many people started cooking, more attention is needed to safety accidents in the kitchen. Burn in a pot or cut with a knife is a common accident during cooking in the kitchen. So FRIGGE is designed to provide safer culinary culture by reducing burns and cutting which are frequent accidents. The induction range uses electric energy to heat up and eliminates direct exposure to fire; the pot and frying pan are covered by thermal insulation material not to contact high heat. The combination of induction range and pot/frying pan is locked together to prevent accidents caused by falls during cooking. The bonding parts get wider from top to bottom, making them easier to combine the induction range and pot/frying pan. And the knife covered by diagonal blocks reduces the exposure of the blade, and there is the additional thickness of the blocks to prevent cutting hands.