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Competition: Spark:Space
Designer: Fu Chu Hsu - Director
Design Type: Landscape
Company / Organization / School: G DESIGN

In response to the irregular corner-cutting space created by the surrounding natural environment of the site and the volume turning configuration of the building, the overall layout adopts a geometric linear method and a layered overlapping depth of field layout method. The street surface uses a curve as a guide for the continuity of the moving line. The open space in this friendly and retreat shopping block, through the lingering geometric curves to soften and extend the walking space, with the multi-layer planting design that changes in four seasons, the simple and artistic seats, and the fashionable and interesting sharpie store’s sign with fashionable panda artworks, vaguely telling visitors to come to the fashion toy area for adults. When sunlight swaying and falling down with leaves, it reflects the rich vitality and dynamic beauty, while providing viewers with a comfortable strolling area, creating a block fashionable art and interesting street space. The side yards on both sides consist of Cape Jasmine, sweet-scented osmanthus and maple trees respectively, forming a small and exquisite resting area, which extends into the backyard recreation area; the backyard space is a private space for residents, where the depth of the restricted base is short.