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Galleries // 2021 Spark:Space // Wuhan Urban Construction Yuexiang Lake Jing Marketing Center

Wuhan Urban Construction Yuexiang Lake Jing Marketing Center


Competition: Spark:Space
Designer: Lanny Hou
Design Type: Interiors: Commercial
Company / Organization / School: L SID

This project is located in the Wuhan Economic Development Zone. It will create a youth vitality community in the Wuhan Economic Development Zone based on the main principles of high-end quality, fashion pioneer and uniqueness. Taking the future immersive experience marketing center as the design criterion, taking the people living in the busy city's longing and curiosity about the vast interstellar as the origin, and commemorating the success of the Apollo 11 moon landing as the background, this case is regarded as people's yearning for the universe. As a creative theater, create a space for analysis with the design concept of the "Galaxy Art Museum", open the romantic story of going to the moon, flying to space, and integrating into the universe, creating a life experience center for a new generation of beautiful communities. The marketing center continues to introduce architectural arc elements into the interior, allowing art to penetrate the temperament and power of the entire space; the interior space atmosphere creates an avant-garde and trendy cyberpunk space state, leading people into the trendy world of technological futuristic and rebellious spirit.