2021 Galleries

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Galleries // 2021 Spark:Space // Sunac Changchun Eastern Residence Experience Center

Sunac Changchun Eastern Residence Experience Center


Competition: Spark:Space
Designer: Wally Mao
Design Type: Interiors: Working Space, Offices
Company / Organization / School: MAUDEA Design (Shanghai) Interior Architects Ltd.
Team Members: Wally Mao

Combining traditional Chinese culture with modern art, we intend to create a comfortable, elegant, delicate and modern workspace full of culture, art and nature. We chose warm and light marble as the material of floor and wall throughout the space, making the whole space look spacious, bright and elegant. The use of lights not only makes the space look brighter and more elegant, but also brings aura into the space. Above the stairs leading from the first floor to the second floor, a range of little crystal light bulbs hang from the ceiling. The moment you raise your head, you may feeel as if there are brilliant stars in the sky shining in the daytime. Above the conference table, crystal lamps are also used. Irregularly shaped hand-made ceramics and vibrant green plants inject natural agility into the entire space. The black and white abstract paintings make the entire space full of art and movement. Concise black lines, whether thick or thin, delicate or bold, wander on the white canvas randomly. In the concept pf traditional Chinese aesthetics, black and white represent all the colors in the world, and paint the whole universe. Mathed well with the furniture, the black and white paintings injecting rhythm and life into the space.