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Galleries // 2021 Spark:Space // The Drainage of Jade

The Drainage of Jade


Competition: Spark:Space
Designer: Fu Chu Hsu - Director
Design Type: Landscape
Company / Organization / School: G DESIGN
Team Members: Fu Chu Hsu & Pei-Chi Ho

With the design of multi-layered planting and loop layout, the open space is perfectly utilized. Passengers are guided both on primary and secondary routes. Sidewalk is paved with cold-colored flooring; greenery is introduced abundantly because of the setback. Besides, the design team planted beech trees, which represents the blessing of reaching great achievement and wealth, along two sides of the path; the path accompanying the multi-layered planting makes the sidewalk comfortable and pedestrian-friendly. Along with the path, the route is prolonged subtly by designing it in arc at the east-south edge, blending with arbors, which color varies seasonally, such as rosy trumpet tree, sapindus, and madagascar almond. As for the west-north edge, the architecture setback vacants the space for Pistacia as the spotlight; the ever-green Batoko plum tree embellishes the neat aura of the corner. The cellular fence is installed along with the sidewalk to secure the safety of residents, as well as divide the public and private area. The welcoming feature, a fountain, placed at the entrance in the middle of the sidewalk is designed by the terrain.