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Galleries // 2021 Spark:Spring Student // Charger Bridge

Charger Bridge


Competition: Spark:Spring Student
Designer: Woohyuk Choi - Charger Bridge
Design Type: Concept, Product & industrial, Spaces: architecture, interiors, landscape
Company / Organization / School: Orange Cube Art Design Matter
Team Members: Woohyuk Choi & Kiyoon Nam

This project proposes a new set of infrastructure, where EV stations are set alongside the roads, without blocking or redirecting any traffic. The concept is that the original sidewalks are risen to create extra space for EV stations. And on top of the risen sidewalks, a modular platform is built. This modular platform can be any sort of facilities based on the needs of the surrounding environments. Charger Bridge functions as a an EV charger stations, an overpass, and also fulfills the needs of the surrounding environments with modules placed on top. By having these functions, Charger Bridge will be a new platform of facility to satisfy the needs of traffic and also pedestrians at the same time. The modules placed on top of the overpass vary from convenience stores to gyms. These modules act as a necessity to fulfill the needs of nearby habitants. In addition to common facilities, such as food courts or restrooms, these modules could be of places that cannot be seen inside the cities. For instance, these modules could act as a bee house or a bird house that are difficult to locate inside regular cities.