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Galleries // 2021 Spark:Space // Fairy Tale Forest

Fairy Tale Forest


Competition: Spark:Space
Designer: Fu Chu Hsu - Director
Design Type: Interiors: Club, Recreation, Sports, Waterworks, Pools
Company / Organization / School: G DESIGN

The designer adopted the loop layout to make the narrow space unique and interesting, so that it can be connected with the design core of the forest-like scene and fairy tales. The design team used arcs to divide the space based on different functions; the public art theme, fairy tale, is created from different sizes of arcs. For example, the arc-shaped flower stand made of black-grey stone represents the image that people make a bow and greet to whoever enter it. Supplemented by evergreen shrub and light reflection, a pine forest perfectly intertwines with the building materials, stone, greenery and public art; besides, it brings out the delicacy of building materials and plantings indiscernibly as well. Multi-layer planting is used to mildly adjust the weather, and to balance the humidity and temperature. Air is allowed to circulate; sunlight is introduced into the space. The use of air conditioner and lighting is able to be reduced so that urban heat island effect can be alleviated and eco-friendliness is presented. The Multi-layer planting provides not only the seasonal scenery, but a platform for people to learn indigenous trees of Taiwan.