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Winner - Gold

Competition: Spark:Fall/Winter Student
Designer: Hoyeon Shin
Design Type: Product & industrial
Company / Organization / School: Korea Design Membership +
Team Members: Hoyeon Shin, Seokhyoun Han & Seoyeon Park

"HEEMA will bring Jeju to your home." Jeju island had been an active volcanic island until it became dormant 5,000 years ago. Due to its past volcanic activity, the island has layers of diverse igneous and sedimentary rocks. Jeju’s unique geological structure makes the island itself a great natural water purifier. With the motivation from Jeju, we designed HEEMA to make it possible to experience Jeju's fresh water at home. The name "HEEMA" is pure Korean meaning ‘clean.’ We expressed Jeju's unique columnar joint on HEEMA's outer, and we put basalt on top of the filter to make it similar to Jeju's geological structure. Consumers are able to look at the process of water purification with basalt; which will give them confidence in their water.