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Galleries // 2021 Spark:Space // Cloud Mansion

Cloud Mansion


Competition: Spark:Space
Designer: Jiayuan Zhang - Lead Designer
Design Type: Landscape
Company / Organization / School: NCD Studio Pte Ltd
Website: http://www.ncdsla.com/
Team Members: Designer: Zhi Cheng Designer: Kailing Xu

Applying the space partition technique, it ensures transparency and soft transition, and fosters an independent atmosphere and emotional value. It puts aside concrete symbols and captures the most intuitive features of clouds: light, clean, floating, and transparent. By comparing the textures and color assortment of multiple materials, it catches the common characters between artificial materials and the natural environment in the above characteristics, and forges a quiet and light site in the spatial temperament. The space, rectangular in the master plan, has a main entrance and a secondary entrance that are separated by a logo wall circled around by a waterscape. The gray and white colors are cleverly matched to make the space look simple and yet imposing, exhibiting high quality. Visitors may take a short rest in the space behind the logo wall, and enjoy a panoramic view of the area. While allowing people to take the load off their feet, the long gray marble benches complement the waterscape in front. Since the native trees are retained along the street in the site, the entrance is ingeniously designed to bypass the trees, which turns the linear motion line even richer and more rhythmic.