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Winner - Bronze

Competition: Spark:Fall/Winter Student
Designer: Jiung Yun
Design Type: Health & Medical, Product & industrial
Company / Organization / School: KoreaDesignMembership+
Team Members: Jiung Yun

Alpha is a new breathing companion creature that allows you to feel nature using colors close to nature. It is fun to grow microalgae that require only water, light, and carbon dioxide at home and grow them when the color becomes dark due to microalgae, so that they can be enjoyed as health foods such as spirulina. You can grow algae at home for a long time, purify the air, and harvust healthy food. Take the algae that has finished growing and filter it with a good cloth while leaving a part of it behind. Then we can eat nutritious algae as a healthy food. If you pour water again into some of the remaining algae and put it in the sun, it will start to grow again. For a long time, we will unwittingly practice carbon neutrality and begin to improve our health. The color change of the algae inside gives a similar feeling to the red ripening of apples. Now, it can strongly instill the perception that it can be harvested and eaten. In general, it can be harvested within 6 weeks and consumed as various health functional foods such as ‘Spirulina’ and ‘Chlorella’.