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Galleries // 2022 Spark:Spring Student // ALLE - In-flight Service Robot

ALLE - In-flight Service Robot

Winner - Bronze

Competition: Spark:Spring Student
Designer: Youngkyung Jung
Design Type: Concept, Product & industrial, Transportation & Mobility, Web, UX, UI, IXO, HCII
Company / Organization / School: Seoul National University & Konkuk Univ. & Kookmin University & Yonsei University
Team Members: Youngkyung Jung, Seungbum Ko, Gyounghwa Na & Yoo Jung Park

The flight attendants have been suffering from various physical pain from work, such as pulling heavy carts in unstable cabin environments or bending their backs repeatedly to take things out of the cart. Alle is an in-flight service robot that helps flight attendants work safely and comfortably. Alle can use different shapes and functions depending on the service situation. Services for all passengers, such as in-flight meals, use a combination of two robots. It helps flight attendants move many things to passengers at once through a combined robot. Because the sensors on the robot recognize the seat and apply automatic brakes to each line, flight attendants do not have to drag heavy cart. Alle can also be used in automatic mode without combination. Incoming passenger requests during the break can be resolved in automatic mode. The request input from the passenger infotainment system is delivered to the display of the robot waiting in the galley, and the attendants can start the robot with a simple action. The robot moves autonomously to the passenger's seat, and the robot's body can rotate 360 degrees, so it can reach anywhere even in a narrow aisle.


"Interesting solution to a problem that not many have thought about. Keep working on refining the interaction and flow between Alle, the flight attendant, and the passengers, especially around movement in the aisles."

"Great idea to help a stressful job."