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Galleries // 2022 Spark:Fall/Winter Student // Wedo -Traditional artist & designer collaboration platform

Wedo -Traditional artist & designer collaboration platform


Competition: Spark:Fall/Winter Student
Designer: Jongseon Park - Wedo -Traditional artist & designer collaboration platform
Design Type: Digital: Motion, Apps, Games
Company / Organization / School: yonsei university

The world's traditional arts are gradually losing interest in the fast-created, disappearing, and changing global trends. Interest in traditional art is gradually decreasing, and there is no one who wants to inherit it, so the number of traditional art cultures that disappear is increasing. In such a trend, I realized the need to continue the unique values and beauty of traditional art. So as a solution, I propose a platform that helps collaborate with traditional artists and designers named Wedo. Wedo serves as a bridge between the traditional beauty of traditional art and the fusion of fresh designs by designers to create new values. Naming planned as follows with the desire to protect traditional art. It is a word that synthesizes ‘Do’ + ‘We’, meaning, "We can do it." If we work together, we will preserve traditional art and achieve a beautiful fusion of design and traditional art. The logo design symbolically expresses the shape that serves as a bridge between traditional artists and designers. The main color used blue colors to create a new wind in traditional art. It provides functions optimized for collaboration such as chatting, video conferencing, achievements, and project conference rooms, and recommends similar types.