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Galleries // 2022 Spark:Space // Superposition


Winner - Bronze

Competition: Spark:Space
Designer: Han Yang
Design Type: Cultural Space, Places Of Worship
Company / Organization / School: D percentage Design Inc.
Team Members: Han Yang & Danni Zhan

This building, the only community activity center in the area, is expected to serve three generations living nearby. As an energy efficient building, it can be potentially reused. This design is defined as superposition state for human settlements based on the concept of quantum physics, making it a building structure with life, time and space states where live and dead, young and old, silent and cheerful, traditional and modern, horizontal and vertical states are interdependent. As a sign of respecting the local Taoist culture, the rectangle of Bagua and the circle of Tai Chi give a meaning to superposition state. Through the energy efficient design, wind power and heat effect are economized depending on geographical location and angle of sunlight. Floor 1 comprises classrooms, caf├ęs, restrooms and a small farmers' market. Floor 2 comprises a large terrace, a library and a tea room that keeps elders, youths and families in company. The garden in atrium highlights the vitality of the building, linking functional spaces and figuring out how people are associated with nature. This building is expected to concern about the elders and stay-at-home children (a group that should not be left behind) and boost local rural development.