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Competition: Spark:Spring Student
Designer: Inju Lim
Design Type: Brand: Logos, communications, Graphics: Print, Packaging
Company / Organization / School: Korea Design Membership+
Team Members: Inju Lim & Siyeon Kim

Recently, the CCD(Colony Collapse Disorder) phenomenon, in which honeybees disappear without homing after leaving home, has occurred in the United States, Europe, Australia, and Korea. According to the results of the study, CCD was triggered by humans and analyzed that climate warming, mobile beekeeping, pesticides, and parasites may have been affected in combination. If honeybees continue to disappear, the polarization problem in food consumption will worsen and hunger will occur. For this reason, Beety presents the cause and reality of the bee disappearance problem, analyzes the actual situation, saves bees, and suggests urban beekeeping branding that regenerates the city. Beety saves the urban ecosystem and protects the disappearing bees by making urban beekeeping on the landmarks of each region of Korea In pursuit of zero waist, it produces and mass-produces products that protect nature with honey and wax from bees to convey the importance of environmental protection. Beety is a combination of "Bee" and "City," showing that there is a city on top of the bee, that bees can live through the city, and that the bee and the city are in a symbiotic relationship. The bold colors with fluorescent colors represent the glitter of the city.


"The logo looks good. Love the color coding part in this brand system."