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Winner - Silver

Competition: Spark:Spring Student
Designer: Subin Park
Design Type: Packaging, Brand, Product
Company / Organization / School: KDM+ Busan University
Team Members: Subin Park, Jieun Gwak, Namyeon Kim & Youjung Jeon

Dalang is a doljabi set brand which can be used again as a mobile and a key ring for a baby celebrating his/her first birthday. Our product consists of five objets, various subsidiary materials, and brochures. Doljabi is Korean traditional event which let a baby pick one among the objects representing different occupations on a baby's first birthday party called doljanchi. It's meaningful as a unique traditional custom but from a modern point of view, there are some problems. Dalang solves them with a set package. Five objets of five different colors symbolize good luck throughout a child's life instead of job which can break down the stereotype of gender roles created by the doljabi culture. Besides, like all the other doljabi items, at first, Dalang is used as an event item where a child picks up one of the five objets. After doljanchi, the objets can be combined and used as a mobile. Once the child grows further, it is used again as a key ring that can be attached to the child's bag.


"...An interesting tradition that also has so much impact on a culture. This design shifts this tradition towards a more modern perspective and also creates a product that grows with the user over time. Very well thought out and designed."

"I like it!"