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Galleries // 2022 Spark:Digital // Philips Radiology Smart Assistant

Philips Radiology Smart Assistant

Winner - Silver

Competition: Spark:Digital
Designer: Philips Experience Design
Design Type: Apps, Programs & Software
Company / Organization / School: Philips Experience Design
Team Members: Philips Experience Design Team

When taking an x-ray exam, radiographers must deal with many challenges: understand and execute the clinical protocols, manage the patient capabilities and execute the exam fast. With up to 200 exams per day, it is easy to miss that an x-ray image does not meet the required standards. Radiology Smart Assistant is an AI-based solution to help radiology departments and imaging service providers improve acquisition accuracy for X-ray chest radiograms through constant quality analysis and feedback given at the point of image acquisition. The solution is composed of: - The Smart Assistant, which provides acquisition feedback to the radiographer. This touch-sensitive tablet is placed in the control room beside the image acquisition console allowing the radiographer to get instant feedback on the quality of the image she/ he just acquired. - The Acquisition Dashboard, which helps the Radiology manager evaluate staff performance at department level by presenting previous exam results and image quality data per type of exams and staff member. This information helps the radiology manager identify improvement areas and training needs of her/his team.


"Very useful AI enabled assistant that will greatly benefit users and hospitals."