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Galleries // 2022 Spark:Product // Zhurong Building Block Rover

Zhurong Building Block Rover


Competition: Spark:Product
Designer: Yang Zhang
Design Type: Consumer goods, appliances
Company / Organization / School: Beijing AIQI Technology Co., LTD.

The Zhurong rover is mainly independent in shape, equipped with smart hardware mobile phones for control. The control interface is equipped with 3d Mars scenes, so that users can learn about the surface, climate, temperature and humidity of Mars while playing. In addition to the official modeling, some mechanical principles that can be seen in daily life can also be integrated into the modeling. Under the general parts, users can slowly learn the building skills, and then they can build their own ideas. The paper drawings can be converted into THREE-DIMENSIONAL drawings, and the structure can be displayed without dead corners, reducing the threshold for users to build. Even beginners can still build perfectly, which is more convenient for building blocks. The drawings are integrated into the programming APP, reducing the threshold for users to use, and the mobile terminal can enjoy arbitrary control experience.