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Competition: Spark:Fall/Winter Student
Designer: Kim Juyeon - Crispy.J
Design Type: Packaging, Brand: Logos, Graphics
Company / Organization / School: Korea Design Membership+
Team Members: Gwak Jieun Lee Nara Seo Kayoung

As the temperature of the sea rises due to global warming, the number of jellyfish is increasing exponentially, and people's reckless fishing activities are said to be a problem that needs to be solved by the marine ecosystem as the fish, the natural enemy of jellyfish, In the West, it was thought that informing the West about how to eat jellyfish like the Orient could alleviate the surge in jellyfish populations and stabilize the marine ecosystem, and the process of processing the world's most hand-held full moon jellyfish has produced a jellyfish chip-like quality, but the West's negative perception of jellyfish has not paid off. Therefore, we designed the brand of jellyfish chips to reach out to people more familiar and less difficult elements, and to explain the processing and background of jellyfish chips through pop images and layouts like old cartoons in the United States, and to create memories and interest in new designs for different generations.