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2022 Design Innovation Graduation Exhibition


Competition: Spark:Fall/Winter Student
Designer: Nakyeong Shin
Design Type: Brand: Logos, communications
Company / Organization / School: sejong univ.
Team Members: Nakyeong Shin, Eun-a Jeong, Eunmi Jeong, Sohui Kim, Seunghyun Yu, Junheang Lee & Subin Lee

Sejong University's 4th-grade graduation exhibition project has the theme of 'GROW, GLOW', which means to grow and shine. The project, which aims to promote the exhibition of students who have been working hard for four years, is aimed at promoting students who have been at the starting point of their careers. The exhibition was held for fourth graders, college students at Sejong University, and alumni of the department. Branding was developed using metaphors that unite students and graduates, comparing the university process of students who go through constant training for graduation to Stone's polishing process, visually expressing the time of growing and shining efforts. The main graphic of the circular sculptures, which means effort, coming down from top to bottom, is developed in various forms in posters and motions. Motion containing the dynamic movements of students who are constantly honing has been posterized in a captured form, applied, and varied.