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Utopic Communion

Winner - Bronze

Competition: Spark:Space
Designer: Zhang Li
Design Type: Commercial Space
Company / Organization / School: Shanghai Face Decoration Design Engineering Co., Ltd
Website: http://www.facedesign.cn
Team Members: Chen Meng, Yang Si Bei

Back in the old time, Nanjing has been the capital of culture, winning the reputation as the “World Center of the Culture.” Schools surround it, and the parks nearby are scenic, as if the utopia of Xinyao New City. The design group takes the idea of multiple layers for the interior design, abstracting the boundaries between “inside and outside” and creating a unique relationship layer by layer. It shows a utopic society in which people can trust each other. It even can live in harmony with Nature: an exhibition center that combines a street café, concert hall, art gallery, and even the check-in point for Internet influencers. Entering the hall of sandbox display, the metal artwork of outstanding design comes into the sight, artistically clashing this gentle wood exhibition center. Walking into the chatting area, two black lighting bars on the ceiling pierce the whole space. There are no apparent divisions in the chatting area, a visual unity. Dark brown chairs on the carpet of layers symbolize the flows upon piles of thoughts and the trust among people. With interchangeable lines and arcs, the design for pillars makes this clean place integrated without losing wit inspiration.