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Galleries // 2022 Spark:Graphic // Designing Cultures: Fading Traditional Trades and Crafts

Designing Cultures: Fading Traditional Trades and Crafts

Winner - Platinum

Competition: Spark:Graphic
Designer: Jesvin Yeo
Design Type: Print: publishing, posters, brochures, Book
Company / Organization / School: Designing Cultures Studio
Website: https://www.designingculturesstudio.com
Team Members: Alvin Ng, Chan Liying, Tan Peijing

The book introduces 28 invaluable traditional crafts that have disappeared or will disappear in the next 20 years in Singapore. The printing explores 3D embossing techniques to accentuate the intricate details of works meticulously crafted by traditional artisans, from paper dragon boats to Peranakan beaded shoes. The multicolour pages indicate the milestones of the traditional trades and crafts: it started when our ancestors came to Singapore with their livelihoods, then the trades laid a solid foundation before it reached the golden era and now it’s slowly disappearing. The red metallic illustrations reflect how traditional crafts have greatly enriched Singapore’s cultural heritage. The book seeks to record traditional crafts for future generations to explore and contribute to the crafts and design landscape. A pastel is enclosed for readers to colour and discover our ancestors’ lost art, as only we humans can help conserve, support and bring attention to the significance of this cultural heritage. The book successfully brings together Singapore’s crafts community to discuss and explore how to prolong the sunset trade, while seeking new business models for artisans in a contemporary design market that desires uniqueness. Through the collaboration of these artisans and young designers, four design projects were completed.


"Beautiful, meaningful and poetic."

"Beautiful craftsmanship and very elegant."