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Competition: Spark:Fall/Winter Student
Designer: Design Team - CHECKMATE
Design Type: Concept
Company / Organization / School: Hannam University
Team Members: Minah Kim, Yeojin Lee & Jeonghyeon Seong

Checkmate is a product that can measure the acidity inside the vagina while female users enjoy a sex life. Because vaginitis is a common disease in women like a cold, women should take care of their health by getting regular gynecological checkups. However, hesitation often leads to a bigger disease due to the burden and cost of examining sensitive areas. A healthy vagina maintains an acidity below pH 4.5, and if bacteria invade and remove lactic acid bacteria, it becomes an environment where other bacteria are likely to proliferate, which decreases the acidity inside the vagina, causing vaginitis. Women with vaginitis are accompanied by itching and stinging and feel uncomfortable in their daily lives. However, using checkmate can prevent the user from leading to a bigger disease by enjoying it at the time they want and simultaneously checking the acidity inside the vagina. In addition, the checkmate can measure the acidity of vaginal secretions using electrodes, and the user can immediately check her health status by pressing a button once. Lastly, since it is a chess-like shape, it can be used as an interior accessory while protecting the user's privacy.