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Competition: Spark:Product
Designer: Ryan Heiser - Director of Design
Design Type: Residential & office furniture, furnishings
Company / Organization / School: Landscape Forms
Team Members: Ryan Heiser

Backdrop is a system of modular panels, posts, connectors, and accessories designed to create tailored destinations that enhance everyday life outdoors, define exterior space, and activate underutilized areas with purpose and meaning. Available in a variety of colors and materials, its modular components and accessories create inviting open-air structures that blend seamlessly with any environment. Almost like modern metal hedges, Backdrop seems to grow both effortlessly and organically from its surroundings. Elegantly designating natural spaces, guiding the flow of passersby, and welcoming people to interact, it flows and responds to an environment’s existing features and integrates intuitively with the daily lives of the people who engage with it. Engineered for virtually endless layouts, functionality and degree of enclosure, Backdrop encourages design creativity while easily adapting to unique site opportunities. Applications can range from an individual booth or nook to a productive workspace, to an outdoor dining destination, to a large and branching outside gathering space.