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Intuit Dome

Winner - Gold

Competition: Spark:Space
Designer: Ross Wimer - Senior Vice President
Design Type: Convention Centers, Arenas
Company / Organization / School: AECOM
Team Members: Ross Wimer & Aecom Design Team

The design for the new arena for the Los Angeles Clippers basketball team has been developed to advance the typology of the arena building. The unique characteristics of the site, climate and program have allowed us to create a multidimensional experience that goes beyond that of a typical venue. The program is enveloped by a structural gridshell which defines and encloses the entire facility but has a loose fit to the conditioned program so unique informal spaces result. The gridshell carries a system of lightweight panels that modulate wind, sun and rain. Panels clad in ETFE, PTFE and laminated PTFE provide protection from rain for the informal spaces while also allowing for fresh air flow and solar glare control. The orientation of the panels has been digitally optimized for their performance and the resulting dynamic pattern resembles growth forms found in nature. The design of the Intuit Dome program will allow it to be the first carbon neutral arena, but equally important is how that program connects physically and visually to the surrounding neighborhood. The active informal areas give the building a lively presence while public can engage the facility through several community spaces.


"very interesting shell and use of materials!"