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Bloom App


Competition: Spark:Spring Student
Designer: Hyeonjeong Kang
Design Type: Concept
Company / Organization / School: Kyungpook National University
Team Members: Hyeonjeong Kang, Dabin Yu, Hyeyeon Yang, Heeju Son, Hayeon Jeon & Jisun An, Faculty Advisor

Postpartum depression affects 13-19% of mothers worldwide, and in the case of Korea, is at a rate of 10-20%. Korean mothers often attempt to cope with postpartum depression by being alone or seeking information through motherhood community message boards. However, these methods have proven to be ineffective in providing practical help to mothers. Postpartum depression studies argue that the support of a spouse and or family is crucial in dealing with postpartum depression. Our team aims to provide practical assistance in addressing postpartum depression through an app that can be used by both mothers and their partners. The Bloom app provides customized learning content and missions for each stakeholder through "Multi-user Profiles", allowing users to gain specialized information through the "Education" part of the app. The "Calendar" feature enables mothers and their partners to share photos and messages, enhancing emotional bonding. Through the "Community" section, users can seek answers from experts and request counseling. Additionally, the app offers daily "Missions" that allow users to apply the knowledge provided in "Education" through various actionable tasks.