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Competition: Spark:Digital
Designer: Afshin Mehin - CEO and Designer
Design Type: User Experience
Company / Organization / School: Card79
Website: http://card79.com
Team Members: Afshin Mehin, Dane Kim, Alberto Ishida & Maggie Jia

Lotza.io is an online platform & community where people can share feedback on subscription services and direct-to-consumer products. It differentiates itself from traditional review sites - like Yelp - by offering a unique sentiment-based rating system, a unique tagging system, and tailored recommendations based on user preferences. In an era when subscription services and digital products are increasing, Lotza rethinks how online products are discovered, delivering recommendations of relevant subscriptions based on a user's preferences. At the heart of the review process lies a unique sentiment-based rating system, allowing people to express themselves with more nuance than the traditional 5-star rating system. User can also adjust their review over time, offering dynamic insights into how relationships with products are evolving. This 'Sentiment Over Time' metric is novel, providing an unparalleled depth of understanding for users and partners alike through visual cues with unique emojis, typography, and colors. The platform offers a breadth of different media - from text to video to audio - to allow people to express themselves in the way that they feel most comfortable. Partners also benefit from Lotza's contextual feedback, enabling them to enhance their product offerings.