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Galleries // 2023 Spark:Spring Student // AI Ingredient Refrigerator

AI Ingredient Refrigerator


Competition: Spark:Spring Student
Designer: Young Jin Joung
Design Type: Product & industrial, Concept
Company / Organization / School: Hanbat National University
Team Members: Young Jin Joung

The AI food refrigerator is a built-in refrigerator installed next to cooking heating appliances such as sinks and induction, and the AI camera recognizes the storage date and condition of the food ingredients and manages the food ingredients. It is a product that reduces the inconvenience of cooking by putting prepared ingredients right away when cooking. The AI camera is positioned on the refrigerator lid, making it easy to recognize the inside of the refrigerator and identify the ingredients stored in the tray. It recognizes the types and conditions of the ingredients. Based on the recognized information, the storage date and ingredient types are displayed on the top display. Depending on the freshness of the ingredients, the brightness of the corresponding ingredient's display and the LED lamps inside the refrigerator gradually decrease. This allows for intuitive recognition of the storage status of the ingredients even from a distance, making ingredient management easier.


Love the concept and execution.

Great execution!