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Galleries // 2023 Spark:Product // Gatorade Fuel Rover

Gatorade Fuel Rover

Winner - Silver

Competition: Spark:Product
Designer: Tom O'Quinn - Design Director
Design Type: Fitness, Outdoor & Sporting Goods
Company / Organization / School: PepsiCo
Team Members: Tom O'Quinn

Trainers needed a more efficient and functional way to store and transport a large number of players’ bottles around the field, whether during practice or on game day. Over the course of seven months, The Design Team redesigned, developed, and produced an updated bottle storage system, now known as the Gatorade Fuel Rover, for all thirty-two NFL teams as well as other professional partners. Since this is a niche product with only a couple other companies involved in the space, we needed to connect with all our partners in order to ensure we would get the redesign right. In a short period of time, we gleaned key insights from athletic trainers, registered dietitians, and coaching staff in order to bring optimal innovation to this product. One of the insights gleaned from this process was that team staff members are managing a significant amount of supplies aside from just bottles, so they needed a design that would help them stay organized.