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Winner - Bronze

Competition: Spark:Concept Pro
Designer: Zhipeng Pan - Team Lead, Sole Designer
Design Type: Product design, Interaction Design, Machine learning intergration
Team Members: Zhipeng Pan, Yikun Wang and Youqi Wang

AgriSync is designed to revolutionize modern farming through data-driven insights. This compact, easy-to-install module pairs with your mobile device to become an invaluable part of your agricultural operations. Once installed in the field, it forecasts grain yield and provides tailored recommendations for irrigation and fertilizer levels. But what sets AgriSync apart is its machine learning capability. The more you use it, the smarter it gets, adapting its algorithms to local soil conditions and weather patterns. This ensures not only increased crop yield but also resource conservation, making your farming practice more sustainable. With AgriSync, farming becomes a seamless blend of tradition and technology, helping you make precise, informed decisions without the guesswork. It's not just an aid; it's your smart farming companion.