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Winner - Bronze

Competition: Spark:Fall/Winter Student
Designer: Yutong Zhu
Design Type: Concept
Company / Organization / School: Sichuan Fine Art Institute
Team Members: Yutong Zhu, Cao Hengyu, Jiang Ningjing & Song Xinrui

Syncohe emerges as a groundbreaking game-changer in the esports arena, presenting a revolutionary Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) device and app ecosystem. This cutting-edge solution, deeply rooted in BCI technology, reshapes the training paradigm by offering an unprecedented blend of real-time monitoring and instantaneous feedback for players. Syncohe addresses a pervasive challenge gripping young esports contenders—psychological strains stemming from the industry's rapid evolution and intense training routines. As players navigate the demanding landscape, Syncohe steps in as an unwavering companion, fostering a constructive and robust mindset essential for success in the competitive realm. Harnessing the capabilities of brainwave analysis and cognitive augmentation, Syncohe paves the way for a comprehensive transformation in players' performance trajectories. It hones mental dexterity, cultivates emotional equilibrium, and fosters laser-sharp focus—each facet strategically designed to elevate players' prowess. In a world where the margins between triumph and defeat hinge on mental resilience, Syncohe stands firm as an unassailable pillar of support. It shapes and sharpens the mindset, enhancing cognitive agility, and fostering the crucial balance between determination and adaptability. As esports teams gear up for the grand stage, Syncohe takes the lead, propelling them towards victory by navigating the intricate pathways of heightened mental acumen and tactical precision.