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Galleries // 2023 Spark:Spring Student // Ant Tunnel Speaker

Ant Tunnel Speaker


Competition: Spark:Spring Student
Designer: YU Yerin
Design Type: Product & industrial
Company / Organization / School: Korea Design Membership + / Jeonbuk National University
Team Members: Yu Yerin

To create the perception of a speaker with "high-quality sound," it is crucial to express its performance through design alone. As I contemplated how to visually convey the concept of "sonorous and enriching sound," I was reminded of ants diligently excavating the earth to build their nests. When ants dig their tunnels, mounds of soil accumulate on the surface, transported from the depths below. I found this imagery reminiscent of the "sonorous sound emerging from deep underneath." To capture this essence visually, I designed the speaker that has high-quality sounds, drawing inspiration from the shape of these soil mounds. By observing a speaker that resembles the piles of soil brought up from deep underground, individuals can intuitively perceive the "sonorous and profound sound" it embodies. Moreover, the design's intention is solely comprehensible through visual means, encouraging users to reflect upon the essence of design themselves. In today's market, flooded with countless high-performance products, users often grasp their true capabilities only after usage. It led me to contemplate the meaning of "good design" and underscored the importance of enabling users to discern a product's performance through its visual appeal.