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Competition: Spark:Spring Student
Designer: Yunbin Choi - pit-a-pet
Design Type: Brand: Logos, communications, Concept, Digital: Motion, Apps, Games, UX, UI
Company / Organization / School: Hongik University
Team Members: Yunbin Choi, Eunsu Kim, Seoyoung Lee & YoonSun Lee

A more valuable second was spent with your pet. 'pit a pet' is a platform that detects the brain waves of pets through its own devices, necklaces, and hair pins, records happy pet moments without missing them, and helps them create greater happiness. It is named "Pit-a-pat," which means heart palpitations and the mobile APP is notified when the measurable brain waves reach the alpha wave detected when happy with MEMS Bluetooth connected to a hairpin made of receptors. When capturing a happiness scene, a step-by-step happiness graphic is given based on the detected happiness index. In addition, the captured happiness scene is analyzed using AI technology to derive like keywords, and by synthesizing them, it is inferred what behavior your pet likes to provide a list of happiness behavior recommendations. If the recorded happiness moment meets the required number of days within the APP, we will produce and send you a real happiness album. As a result, "pit a pet" is designed to continuously record moments to make memories, and to always be together in the happy moments of pets to relieve the guilt of Pet loss syndrome in the future.